D.I.Y. tracking

LifeBetterOrganized.com comes with 12 preset data tracking categories, but if you need something else, Custom Data lets you create it.

Add any number of categories

Anything and everything in your child's life that must or should be watched on a regular basis, you can do it here.

See your way to a better future

How could you and your child improve performance? The numbers and your notes give you the answers at a glance.

LifeBetterOrganized.com lets you track absolutely anything you want! Maybe your child needs to monitor specific medical information, such as blood sugar. Or you want a record of your baby's sleeping and eating times.

And there's no limit to how many new data categories you can add. For each one, click "Add a Custom Data Record" and name your parameters. Once it's started, you just continue to add information as you do in any of the standard categories.